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Since May 2020, Opencast Mine Beloyarskiy LLC has begun to increase the pace of mining operations

The second half of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 were difficult for the Beloyarskiy open pit LLC - the suspension of overburden mining, a pandemic, a decrease in the number and staff of workers, work to preserve the team, change of owners.

Despite the difficulties, since the second quarter of 2020, the management of the Beloyarskiy Open-Pit Mine has breathed new life into the enterprise, coal mining and processing has begun.

Additional mining and transport equipment was involved in the development of the Izykhskoye coal deposit. New jobs are being formed, additional training and advanced training of employees are organized. Contracts have been concluded for the supply of coal products, both to the domestic market and for export.

The new coal mine "Beloyarsky" in the Republic of Khakassia extracted the first ton of coal

The Governor of Khakassia Victor Zimin within a working trip visited Beloyarsk coal mine which settles down in the territory of the Altai area of the republic. At the new enterprise which the beginning the work on August 14 this year, in a festive atmosphere noted production of the first ton of coal.

Production is carried out in the open way on a site No. 5 of the Izykhsky coal field. Enterprise capacity to which it is planned to come within the next four years – 1,5 million tons of coal of brand "D" a year.

As the CEO of a section Vitaly Ermolyuk, at an exit to design capacities told the number of workers (mainly residents of the Altai area) will make about 200 people.

The Governor of Khakassia in turn noted that, despite a difficult situation which developed in the sphere of realization of coal in the world market today, the company has good prospects. The main thing, she needs to stake on the local consumer.

"With the Khakass coal we have to win – to grow volumes and to take quality. Especially potential for this purpose is. We as the power, we will be always near you. But it is necessary that also the population felt this advantage. That at them and the thought didn't arise to take coal on the party", - Victor Zimin told.

One of such motives can become not only high quality and energy efficiency of Beloyarsk coal, but also its democratic cost for inhabitants of the republic. The head of the region after new year suggested to continue discussion of price policy.

The coal miners selling fuel for borders of the republic will be exempted from road taxes

The shelf of the coal enterprises of Khakassia arrived. On Beloyarsky coal mine gave out the first ton of coal. Experts count that at an exit to design capacities – and there will be it approximately in four years. The planned number of workplaces at an exit to design capacity - more than 200 people.

- Fuel will go for export, but we will look for the niche and in the market of Khakassia, - the CEO of Beloyarsky coal mine Vitaly Ermolyuk reported. On a section about one and a half million tons of coal annually are planned to get.

The Governor of Khakassia - Victor Zimin who was present at production of the first ton of coal at the new enterprise sounded an initiative which will make coal of Khakassia more concrete in comparison with other regions of Russia.

- I charged to Ministry of Transport to exempt the coal miners of Khakassia who are taking out fuel out of borders of the republic from road taxes, - he told. Besides, Zimin asked the management of a section to sell to residents of the Altai area the coal extracted on it at preferential price.

- It will be fair taking into account that the section influences ecology, - he told in conversation with the CEO of the new enterprise.

In end of a ceremony "Heroine" of a holiday, a coal block, watered with champagne.


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